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Initial ring, tiny dainty stacking ring, Sterling silver stackable ring

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This Initial ring is a beautiful piece to add to your stacking set. It is made with a skinny but sturdy band and a hammered piece of silver on which I stamp the initial. The hammered ring surface also makes this ring even more shiny and beautiful.

The ring is 0,8-0,9 mm thick and looks very dainty on the finger.

If you want a simple but very sturdy ring, especially in bigger size, please, also look at this initial ring:

*** Customization ***
Apart from the letter you also can customize the initial look. I can make it oxidized to black or leave it silver as you can see on pictures. I can also use lower case or upper case letters. Just let me know the details in the message to seller during checkout.

Each letter on the ring is hand stamped and gives a fetching feel of a hand-made jewelry. Though it may cause some imperfections (which are a part of the unique, custom made piece), you can be sure that there are no identical rings.

You see the ring of the 5.5 size in the pictures. You may order the ring of any size. If you are not sure about the size,
this might be helpful:

If you want to buy the ring as a gift and you don't know the precise size, you may also choose a standard size: Small (UK- M, USA - 6) Medium (UK - P, USA - 7,5) Large (UK - S, USA - 9).

Please, note that custom made items take up to 5 working days to be shipped.
You will receive them gift wrapped for no additional charge.

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