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Milky Moonstone - sterling silver ring with free form rose cut milky moonstone gemstone

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This delighting statement ring with a milky white moonstone is a real treasure. With this ring, you'll feel yourself an ancient princess with the prettiest piece on you!

The ring shank is 2.5 mm wide and can be personalized inside. The ring is a bit roughly made, as I wanted it to look like some old medieval treasure. 

The pictured ring is US 6 size. There are few more stones in stock, so I can make a special ring of your size. If you are not sure about the size, this might be helpful:

If you want to buy the ring as a gift and you don't know the precise size, you may also choose a standard size: Small (UK- M, USA - 6) Medium (UK - P, USA - 7,5) Large (UK - S, USA - 9).

Please, note that custom made items take up to 5 working days to be shipped. You will receive it gift wrapped for no additional charge.

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